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About us


We are a Motorsport team made up of students from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Our motto is "Born to be Engineers", and the goal of the team is not only to design a motorcycle, but we want our members to learn and train to then succeed in their future work.

Our history


After the creation of MotoStudent in 2009, the team was founded with the help of the MAQLAB research group at UC3M. The team's first prototype, a 2T with a tubular chassis, won the award for best industrial innovation for incorporating an adjustable TeleLever suspension system.


This year a restructuring of the team was carried out. It was possible to compete in MotoStudent III with the MS3 , a 4-stroke prototype also with a tubular chassis.


At Motostudent IV , the MS4 won first prize for best industrial design for its aluminum monobloc chassis and swingarm. It also won two second prizes, for innovation and industrial project.


The team participated in MotoStudent VI with its MS6 , highlighting the carbon swingarm and winning the Altair Innovative Challenge 2020 in the multiphysics optimization of a competition motorcycle. In this prototype, new manufacturing methods were worked on in composite materials with a 3D printed core (Ultem 1010).


Our latest project, the MS7 , rolled last October at Motostudent VII . We present an innovative chassis: tubular carbon fiber, a real challenge since it is unique in the world. For the same we obtained fifth place in the innovation category.

We are currently working on our next goal:

The MS8

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